Students Adjust to a Virtual Transfer Process

While the Community College of Philadelphia campus is closed, reaching out to transfer institutions now requires more from students than simply stopping by a transfer booth between classes.

Transfer Week is running this week from October 19-23. The program is held every semester to allow students to speak directly to transfer admissions counselors and learn about the transfer process and opportunities such as scholarships and dual admissions. Typically, representatives from 4-year-schools set up booths in the Bonnell lobby and across campus, which is designed to expose students to institutions they may not have previously considered. However, virtual information sessions require more deliberation from students. 

In one information session for the University of the Sciences this week, very few students tuned in, but the ones who did were already strongly considering the school. As a result, many of the questions asked centered more around the logistics of how the program worked than about what school had to offer. 

At the same time, more personal virtual information sessions allow transfer counselors to have in-depth conversations with students who are seriously interested in these institutions. The ability to form stronger links between students and counselors will then make the transfer process easier and more personal, according to Kendra King, USciences director of transfer and graduate admission. 

“One benefit of Zoom is it’s nice to put a face to the name because it’s helpful to remember specific students when communicating later on,” King said.

Students are also now considering different factors when it comes to transferring due to concerns about safety and virtual class offerings. As many are now anticipating the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted education, students are now more interested in how 4-year schools have handled the situation and whether they are still worth attending during such an uncertain time.

“Tuition is always a big factor, but now students are thinking, ‘is it worth it to go to a 4 year school and do virtual courses’ when they can just go to schools like CCP for less money,” King said. “Students might also be considering taking a break from school during this time and working to save money instead of transferring.”

Despite the specific challenges that the pandemic has introduced for students in the process of transferring, counselors such as King still consider attending information sessions to be an important step in a smooth transfer process. 

“I encourage students to take advantage of every virtual opportunity that you can because even though it’s not the best way to reach out, it’s still important for making an informed decision about where to transfer.”

Students can view and join planned transfer sessions through the Pride Portal here:

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