Jam & Jelly Submissions: Monsters are real

Nyla Moody is a senior in high school who wants to major in creative writing when she goes to college which is. She has won great attendance awards and a most improved student award at her high school The Workshop School. Her main focus for writing is to inspire people who are too shy to speak for themselves to speak

Nyla Moody

out more because she used to be that way herself. Even if she doesn’t know how to help with the issue she would try her very best to. She is one of a kind. 


Monsters are real

Monsters are real, we see them everyday 

Breathing and walking around like nothing is going wrong in the world. 

They kill the animals that mind their own business that try to be happy, 

They throw trash on the ground instead of using a trash can that’s in front of them. 


Monsters are real, we see them everyday 

They treat other living things with disrespect and pettiness. 

Then turn around and act like nothing happened. 

They are the type of monster that skin animals alive and wear their fur for clothes. 


Monsters are real, we see them everyday 

The type of monster that kills other beings with guns just for the fun of it. 

The type of monster that will come into your home when you thought that was the only place

You could be at, and they take your things then kill you when you don’t have enough of it. 


Monsters are real, we see them everyday 

The type of monsters that will call you names and tell you to kill yourself. 

The type of monster that will take your virginity without asking and call it “Getting a body.”

Those type of monsters are the worst type of monsters you could ever encounter


There is a name for them too, 

They are called humans.


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