Jam & Jelly Submissions:Divided

Jamila is an English Lerberal Arts major.

Pictured Jamilla Wilson. Photo by Bree Brown

She started writing when she was in the

eight grade; she wrote a novel based on Edgar Allen Poe’s the “Tell Tale heart”, she went on to write two more novels..

She also writes monologues and screenplays based on images.  Last year she started writing poems just to see if she could. She’s written three poems so far which are named “Divided, “dance under the moonlight”, and “ Glass”.





A faded memory
Like a discarded anomaly.
Our two souls was in twine but we parted ways for the sea could flow peacefully.

Once we parted…. watching you drift away
Sadness filled my heart, for I have lost a piece of me.

Like winds flowing in the further unknown unguided just a lost and lonely soul

Appeasing the sea so it can flow it’s course of destruction, devastation, death of ones lost “love”

But yet we came to question will we regret it or will we question what could of been if we didn’t part ways.

But I know now with every last breath I take…. on this lonely earth. I will find you again the missing puzzle piece to my soul… I love you….

By jamilla Wilson

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