Meet The Staff

Faculty Advisor

Professor Eva Blackwell

With a passion for communication and education, for nearly a decade, Professor Blackwell has been teaching academic courses in communication, journalism and multimedia studies. Concurrently, 

she created and confounded a non-profit organization that provides multimedia advocacy and aids in the independence of autistic young adults. In addition, she works with a preeminent national online company that promotes jobs, education, and community for journalists. Prior to that, for nearly twenty years, Professor Blackwell was a career award-winning broadcast journalist, having worked at several broadcast networks, ranging from NPR, PBS to NBC Universal, holding positions that ranged from news reporter to writer/producer/director, to publicity manager. She takes pride and joy in mentoring the next generation of leaders and innovators. Since the start of the 2017 academic year, Professor Blackwell serves as Faculty Advisor of the college’s award-winning newspaper – The Vanguard. 



Abdullah Pullin

Abdullah Pullin is an award-winning journalist and Editor-in-Chief of the Community College of Philadelphia’s newspaper, the Vanguard. Along with this, he is a poet, essayist, literary scholar and English major, pursuing his Associate degree and expecting it in the Summer of 2020.


Managing Editor of Print

Griffin Fadellin

Griffin Fadellin is a Liberal Arts major at the Community College of Philadelphia. As Managing Editor of Print for the Vanguard, they enjoy writing about arts, politics, LGBT+ issues, and using their background in editing to help their fellow journalists’ work shine. Their passions include tabletop gaming, long walks to get coffee, and making the world a better place. They hope to use their associate degree to kickstart a career in journalism, writing, or whatever else strikes their fancy.


Associate Editor

Michael Angelo Smith

Father. Veteran. Fighter. Explorer. Writer. Photographer. Philosopher. 

Michael Angelo Smith, or “Smitty”, is an English major at the Community College of Philadelphia. After nearly 10 years of military service, a few kickboxing and cage bouts, and a backpacking excursion of the west coast, Smitty has come back to Philly to pursue being a writer—poems, short stories, essays, etc. He hopes to share the impact art, literature, and philosophy has had and continues to have, on his life with all communities and individuals. 

” It all starts with an idea, but the conversation is ongoing. It’s up to each of us to add to the conversation and make our voices heard.” 


Managing Editor of Online/Social Media

Bree Brown

Bree is an actress turned writer. After completing an AOS at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City she went on to work as an entertainer on Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America. After completing her 5 month contract of working non-stop in Hawaii, she decided to head back to school, this time for English. She is currently an English and Creative Writing Major. Bree Managing the Website as she learns the duties of editor and chief.


Consistent Contributor

Brandan Thomas

Basketball purist, avid writer, loving individual 

Just a kid from South Philadelphia trying to fulfill his dream of becoming an NBA journalist spreading love and positivity along the way. 

Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed. -LeBron James 



Join the team! Much of the vanguard team will be graduating, so next semester we’ll have PAID positions! Stop by our meetings in S2-11, Wednesdays at 3pm, or stop by of office! Office hours are MWF in S1-12F!



3 thoughts on “Meet The Staff

  1. Hello! I am Cassidy, a student at CCP, and I am interested in writing for the Vanguard. Are there positions available? I am happy to cover essentially any topics, with particular interest in academic policy and community engagement. I have experience with photography as well and would be happy to be involved in any capacity the Vanguard needs.

    1. Hi Cassidy!
      We have our meetings Wednesdays at 3pm in S1-12. Stop by tomorrow and introduce your self, we could use the help and would love to have you!

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