Campus Celebrates Voter Registration Day

September 22th was National Voter Registration
Day, and the college celebrated with an event to raise
awareness and to get as many students registered as
possible. Rows of tables for information and advising
were set up on the fi rst fl oor of the Bonnell Building,
along with a banquet and speaker presentations. Talks
included why voting is so important for our country
and the history of voting rights in America, including
a mention of historic Philadelphian and civil rights
hero Octavius Catto, who was murdered in 1871 while
organizing black voters on Election Day. A wall of cards
was erected so students could post why they decide to
vote. Even Roary posted a card, saying “TO HAVE MY
The ability to register to vote between classes
was invaluable to many students and meant that the
college contributed to what nationalvoterregistrationday.
org describes as a record-breaking number of signups
for a local election year—400,000 people registered in
one day.
Unfortunately, the last day to register in time for
this year’s election was October 7th. You can check to
see if you are registered and where your polling place
will be at This year Philadelphia will
vote for its Mayor, City Council, Judges, and other local
positions that will be crucial in how the city will change
and grow in the next few years.
Remember to check your registration and polling place,
research the candidates, and vote!

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