Egypt Stokes: Volley Ball Star

It is no secret that college is stressful. From the stress of maintaining the extensive workload that comes with being a full-time
student, as well as keeping up with other aspects of life, it is a lot to take on. For Egypt Stokes, 19, she is no stranger to hard work or the
perseverance that is required to uphold her status and reputation here at The
Community College of Philadelphia. Egypt is a student-athlete, playing for the women’s volleyball team, and is in her second year here
at the college. As one might imagine, being a student-athlete takes a lot of time and dedication, physically and mentally. For Egypt, hard
work does not stop there. Because Egypt is majoring in healthcare studies, her time outside of practice is spent studying. In a recent
interview, where I got to speak to Egypt one on one, she explained how she also works part-time, and even shared with me, some goals
that she has for herself.
Of course, she wishes for herself and her team to go far, and with two wins already under their belt, it seems like they are on the
right track. But off of the volleyball court, she has big aspirations for herself. She shared with me her goals to transfer to Old Dominion
University, which is a pristine university located in Virginia. Even though that is a few months to come, while she is still here, attending
CCP, she is focused on maintaining a 3.75 GPA.
While Egypt spoke about her goals and her busy schedule, I could not help but wonder how in the world she manages all of it.
Between studying, attending classes, practice, and working part-time, I think I would fall over. “Volleyball is a good stress reliever,” she
answered with a smile.
Despite her busy schedule, Egypt was open and honest while answering my questions. For some with little time for themselves,

they may seem to run down, but not Egypt. After meeting her, I felt inspired by her work ethic and the goals that she has created for her-
self. She spoke enthusiastically about her plans for her future and what is to come, but she also spoke highly of her team. She explained

how the team is more competitive than ever, and with a new coach, they have a fresh start and are geared up to win. With their good
chemistry and the hard work that is put in behind the scenes, this is a season that everyone should come out to support.
As the days get colder and inside seems the place to stay, I am looking forward to making my way to the Athletics Center and
cheering on our ladies from the bleachers. Egypt and the rest of the lovely ladies on CCP’s women’s volleyball team have been putting in
the work for an amazing season, and I am personally excited to see how far they go.

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