Vote Trump! He is the Candidate that can save America from Orwellian Corruption

When students take their final exams, they will have spent much time studying to attain good grades. For those who are parents as well as students, the work is doubly as hard. When exam day rolls around, one is tired and stressed but they are ready to make that hard work pay off. However, during the exam, you notice a fellow student pull out a cheat sheet for the test. When the grades are revealed later, they receive a higher score. Is that right? Is that just or fair? Of course not! However, that is what a Hillary Clinton presidency represents. On November 8th, I will protest against the ‘cheating student’ and vote Donald Trump for President.

The election has also revealed our media isn’t any better. Americans are supposed to get their facts to make informed decisions from the media, yet, it has been revealed through hacks and undercover operations such as WikiLeaks and Project Veritas respectively, the media has been nothing but corrupt shills for the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. To make a similar analogy, imagine one shows up for that final exam and not only does the student pull out a cheat sheet, but the teacher walks over and gives them one and the department head stops in to give them milk and cookies while they laminate the answer sheet so no cookie crumbs or spilled milk will stain it. If this is a scenario that you find fair, then I urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton. However, if you find this unjust, unfair and abhorrent, there is someone else you might want to vote for.

Regarding the issues, Donald trumps Hillary. Trump wants to drain the swamp and end the corruption in our nation’s capital. Furthermore, Trump wants to put Americans first, economically and with national defense. These are causes that I like and you should too. If you feel there’s too much special interest money in politics, Trump does too and as such, significantly funded the majority of his campaign whereas Hillary is a special interest machine. He also gained my support by announcing he would forego the presidential salary if elected – something no other president has done in our country’s history. Most importantly, he has announced his ‘Contract with America’. Among the highlights:
• A constitutional amendment to place term limits on Congress (how could the voting public be against this?)
• A total ban on foreign lobbyists raising cash for U.S. elections
• A Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act
• School Choice and Education Opportunity Act
• A lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments
• A requirement that each new federal regulation erases two old ones (unless you’re a fan of bureaucracy)

As Wikileaks has revealed, during one of her $225,000 speeches, Clinton has said, “my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.” In addition to this not being her position in public (as Wikileaks revealed Hillary has stated she has a public and private position i.e. lying), this would be disastrous for the American Worker and would pave the way for regulated illegal immigration.

In regards to illegal immigration, I empathize with a person coming to this country to better their lives; my grandparents did that. However, much the same way if anyone wanted to move to Mexico or Canada or a European country, they are supposed to do it legally. Furthermore, as prominent African-American attorney and member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Peter Kirsanow, and prominent African-American political scientist Carol Swain has shown, illegal immigration adversely affects economically the African-American population (who already suffer from a higher unemployment rate around 16% than the rest of our country 10%).
Ending D.C. bureaucracy, term limits on politicians, Middle Class Tax Relief, foreign lobbyist ban, strong borders and fighting for the working class. If these are things that you do not support, then your choice is Hillary. However, if the aforementioned are things that you feel are good ideas, then Vote Donald Trump on November 8th.

The main thing that should scare voters however, is the unparalleled level of corruption by Hillary Clinton. If not for the Wikileaks reveals, the American public would have never known about them. These are things the media has deliberately hid from the American public instead of ethically performing their job duties. When President Richard Nixon was found to have broken the law, he resigned in disgrace. Has our country been so indoctrinated with Progressive ideology that we no longer care for law and order?

Hillary’s Campaign commercials frequently state “our children are watching….”

Do you really want to be the generation that teaches your children that lying, cheating and stealing are ok?

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