Jam & Jelly: Jazz Jam with Omar’s Hat

It’s a new year and thoughts of self-development are stranger than usual. I have the same run of mill fitness goals as everyone else but aside from those this year, I aspire to consume more local art. That sounds great and dandy but as a student that can be expensive. When I can afford it, I love supporting my local artists but when a free or donation-based opportunity arises I jump. Jazz Jam with Omar’s Hat is one of my new favorite inexpensive nights out.

         When I arrived at World Café Live at the edge of University City, I was pleasantly surprised by how young the artists were. They were all individuals in their early 20s playing and singing with meaning and soul and to be a part of that

taken by Tate Kamish (@hi_its_tate) for World Cafe Live (@worldcafelive)

environment I felt honored. Then to my surprise at the end of their set, the floor was opened to other young artists in the room and the night went from good to great. Many talented individuals came and gave what they had and its always so fantastic to see art in the making.

         This event is completely free but don’t forget to get drinks if you’re of age and show the artists of Omar’s Hat some love by tossing some money in their guitar case, no cash? They’ve got Cashapp and Paypal too. Even if you don’t think Jazz is your scene these events taking place on the second Thursday of every month are all good vibes and not to be missed.

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