The CCPerson of the Month: Hot Girl Fall

Take off your sweatshirt even though it’s chilly because the
Student Government associations 1st Vice President, Jasmine Rozario,
wants you to know that this is about to be a hot girl semester!
Period. For starters, can it be stated that with Jasmine being first Vice
President alongside Quiana Cureton as President of SGA, this is the first
time the campus has had two African American females in both highest
positions the Student Government Association has to offer. Just like
madam president, Ms. Rozario started off as a main campus representative
but worked her way up to 1st VP when the spot opened. Jasmine’s
initiative plans are to advertise events in the Vangaurd and focal point, to
create pamphlets for incoming students so they can “meet SGA”,
advertise SGA though social media platforms, work with Professor
Lucia on the study abroad program and to create video motivations about
our drive and plans for CCP. Being someone who gave three speeches in
honor of CCP back to back, Jasmine does not play around and can handle
some business. While working hard on SGA and trying to start a social
media platform, this VP also takes on honor classes and is interested in
working with the GASU global ambassador club to close the gap in black
students studying aboard. With interest in fashion and music, Jasmine will
be hosting her first Friday art show throughout the semester on the first
Friday of every month allowing students to come out and show off their
Speaking of the SGA social media platform, Jasmine has led the
efforts into making an Instagram for SGA where students can check out
dates for events, vote on polls, answer questions and give/get shout outs!
With this concept jasmine wants SGA keeping the student body engaged
in easy simple ways as well as reduce the amount of paper used into
printing flyers for promotion. This is a legacy she wants to leave behind
for students to interact with and take over in the name of SGA. Feel free to
follow, like and shout out ccpsga on Instagram.
If you are looking to get in contact Miss e-mail her at jrozari1@ or check in S1-12 where her office hours will be at Monday
and Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 & then Friday and Saturday from 12:30-2:30.
She is a friendly face on campus with a charisma you cannot beat, so look
forward to seeing her make a big impact on campus this year! The summer
session was amazing with its beautiful weather, but Jasmine Rozario will
make this fall semester even better.

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