What’s the Word! with Imzadi Davis

How we walk away feeling at the end of a semester has a lot to do with our in- and out-of-class work ethic. It takes a lot to endure the challenges the classes here at CCP present. They challenge us as students educationally but personally as well. Being present in class physically and mentally is just the first step. But it’s not the only one we have to take in order to walk the path of possibilities.

CCP student Aaliyah takes many other steps in order to achieve success at the end of a semester. Aaliyah says she studies for hours, dedicating time to each of her subjects. She says she also is a visual learner, so watching videos on YouTube for a particular subject is helpful. Furthermore, some professors will provide links to particular videos and other online resources for their classes.

“Overall I try and maintain a positive and open mind,” she says.
Knowing yourself as a student is essential. Khaleel, another CCP student, says he knows he works better at night. As a result, he mainly takes night classes and completes his work during the wee hours of the night. He also has become more strategic with his time management now.
“I used to show up to class and go with the flow. But I had to hone in on myself and take a different approach this time,” he says.

CCP also operates as a community that offers opportunities to help students like Aaliyah, Khaleel and many others succeed.

Aaliyah says she utilizes resources like the Learning Labs offered here on campus. She says she has received help with subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology there. Additionally, the Learning Labs provide assistance with English and Math subjects. Aaliyah says her Professors are usually accessible and active when she needs their assistance, as most Professors try to be here at CCP. Both she and Khaleel receive tutoring when possible. Khaleel says the Center for Male Engagement (CME) has a study hall located in the library which he finds to be very beneficial.

There are also other resources that the college provides. There are always events happening and other ways students can increase their chances of success.

For the month of February, there are upcoming events that can encourage some students to develop their own secrets to success. Academic Swagger Week begins February 15-19 in BG-07. The week will be filled with workshops from tackling test-taking anxiety to tips for tacking online classes, goal setting and more! Counselors Open House is February 11th.

The counselor’s office can play a role in your success. For those still undecided about their major, CCP hosts the Majors fair on February 17th on the ground level of the Bonnell Building from 10am-1pm. This could help move you toward a certain major. For soon to be graduates such as myself, Career Exploration week is February 8-12th. That’s the word!

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