Staying Healthy Despite New Closures

With coronavirus cases increasing in Philadelphia by nearly five-fold, going to a gym or fitness center isn’t as simple as it was before the coronavirus pandemic. 

I interviewed two gym representatives on what precaution they were taking to lower the risk of infection. A representative from Planet Fitness informed me that all attendees were required to wear a mask except when working out.  Likewise, a representative from Retro Fitness explained to me that they require everyone to wear a mask upon entering and while working out. They also marked certain cardio machines as unavailable to maintain a 6 foot distance of space between attendees. These efforts have proven futile because as of November 13, Philadelphia Gyms were required to close their doors for at least six weeks.

CCP has also closed their athletic center to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. CCP is making online efforts to promote physical activity like offering yoga and meditation classes. Please visit the pride portal to find out more about these classes. There are several more fun and engaging ways to cultivate a healthy mind and body. There is an app available for ios and android called Zombies, Run. The objective of the game is that you are one of the last few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The mechanics of the game are reminiscent of Pokemon GO. As you run or walk with your cell phone around your home. Your job is to gather supplies, rescue survivors, run away from zombies, and more. Also, if you’re being chased by zombies you have to move faster.

Similarly, there is also a game called Ingress. Ingress requires you to physically move your body to be able to interact with portals that often take the shape of parks, libraries, art, tourist attractions, and more. It’s important to remember to wear a mask at all times while playing these games if you intend to go outside. As a safety precaution you should avoid crowded areas and stick to moving around in or around your home to decrease your risk of infection. 

There are several other online sources like a website called Healthier,Happier workouts. This site allows you to create custom workouts, with visual instructional guides on how to perform the exercises.  You can find healthy recipes and cooking tips on the site as well. 

Youtube offers a plethora of workout videos that can be sorted through intensity, length, and type. My personal recommendations are Chloe Ting, Blogilates, Bowflex, and PopSugar. These channels offer a variety of exercises for all muscle groups.  Claudia Schiffer workouts are also a favorite of mine. 

 It’s important  to note Philadelphia has a variety of hiking and biking trails available to the public. I personally recommend Wissahickon Bikeway. Bikers or hikers should still wear masks and practice social distancing guidelines. 

Please stay safe and remember that CCP’s counseling services are always available for students to talk.

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