CCP elects SGA Representatives

While the United States Presidential debates are in full swing, the Community College of Philadelphia has  also had its own debates. 

The SGA debates and election ran from October 8-9. Each candidate for each position posted a position statement, describing themselves and why they would be a good fit for the position and a picture of themselves on the pride portal. The winners were announced this week as follows: The President is Moriah Lit,  the first Vice President is Mariam Ibrahim, the second Vice President is Rama Arab and Senator-at-Large, Main Campus is Alan Li. 

“The debate was challenging because it was hard to reach out to the student population but the staff did a great job handling everything”, said then-presidential candidate Moriah Lit. She promoted her campaign by reaching out to fellow students who are friends of hers. Lit said she believes she is going to make a great president because “ I have a lot to offer the student population in these difficult times”, said Lit. She believes her leadership skills  and her willingness to to serve our community and fellow students are what make her the best president. She described a willingness and desire to serve her fellow students as best she can. She also said she wants everyone to feel heard, no one should feel left out

2020 has brought us many challenges. To face these challenges, the  college community needs a great leader,  who will fight for all students. Community College of Philadelphia is a great school, but even the strongest and closest communities have suffered by being apart for so long. President Moriah Lit can bring us back together and make us better than ever. Despite not being able to have an in person debate and election, the staff and candidates effectively brought attention to these crucial roles. 

Hopefully students made their voices heard for this SGA election and have plans to vote in the U.S. Presidential Election. In both elections, it is crucial that we vote and make our voices heard. It’s up to us to determine who we want to be our leader, and we need someone who will stand up and fight for us. In these very difficult times we need someone who will bring us closer together not further apart.

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