The First Students To Complete the College’s Entrepreneurship Proficiency Certificate Program

At the end of the Fall semester, Aaron Billups and Monique Perri will be the first students to complete the college’s Entrepreneurship Proficiency Certificate Program, a program which provides “financial, accounting and marketing knowledge that is essential to the foundations of a successful business,” according to

Perri, 19, began striving toward her entrepreneurial goals with her beauty channel on YouTube. Her channel, MoSavvyBeauty features helpful how-to videos on makeup application and hairstyling to cosmetic product recommendations.

With video segments like “Get Ready with Me,” Perri opens the doors to her own cosmetic rituals before a night on the town. By cultivating a place where she can talk to her viewers and potential customers, Perri is learning about both her market and herself.  People are able to see her passion for the beauty industry.

Why beauty? “Beauty is an industry that will never go out of style,” Perri tells the Vanguard. “I love that makeup can boost someone’s confidence, whether they have acne or skin problems like myself. That is exactly why I created my YouTube channel to share my tips and tricks with women and men on how to apply different techniques of using beauty products.”

An academic adviser led Perri in the direction of the entrepreneurship program. She was looking for a course that could benefit her and help her with her business endeavors.

Perri had no idea there was a certificate program specifically designed for her interests. She started the program because she knew she wanted Entrepreneurship to be her primary focus. The lessons and concepts she has learned while taking the entrepreneurial courses at CCP will benefit her in many ways throughout her life, she says.

Perri envisions that her future in the beauty industry will be creating her own makeup brand. She plans to sell her makeup line through stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty, where she currently buys most of her own cosmetics.

She is already making achievements. Aside from receiving her certificate in the fall, her YouTube channel has over 86,000 views since its inception four months ago.

Aaron Billups will also be receiving his certificate in Entrepreneurship this upcoming fall. Billups is a photographer and has been building his client base and reputation over the last five years. His website currently displays all of his past work and his own personal portfolio. The inspiration for his work is his son, Dante.

He originally wanted to take financial classes to help his photography business. But then he found out about the program. A fellow student and aspiring entrepreneur told him about it. The program has helped Billups gain more knowledge on how to approach and create opportunities for his business, he says. Networking is one of his main priorities in building his business, since he plans on expanding his clientele.

“I think that any time you encounter a new scene or new group of people, there is always an opportunity to gain something whether it be new knowledge or new clients,” he notes.

Upon completion of his Entrepreneurship Proficiency Certificate, Billups plans on using his newly gained knowledge to become more efficient in his photography business. He plans on being financially stable enough with his business to leave to his 9-to-5 job. Ideally, he’d like to do less hands on work, and establish a team. He wants the ability to develop his entrepreneurial goals, while being home enough to take care of his family.

The program director and mastermind behind it, Professor Maurice Sampson, developed the certificate program with a team of his colleagues. ENTR 110 was initially offered in the Spring of 2014. The goal of the program is to teach current and aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of owning and managing a business. The program consists of four courses: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (ENTR 110), Entrepreneurial Marketing (ENTR 120), Entrepreneurial Financial Intelligence (ENTR 130), and Business Plan Development for Entrepreneurs (ENTR 140).

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur but you’re going to want to be after taking some elective courses in Entrepreneurship. You aren’t only earning elective credit toward your current degree at the college, you’re earning a Proficiency Certificate in Entrepreneurship that can change your life. Whether you’re already a business owner or aspiring to be one, the certificate program at CCP offers students from all majors a chance to hone their knowledge of the business world, specifically entrepreneurship. Students gain a pathway to the steps they need to take for the next level of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Questions about the Entrepreneurship Proficiency Certificate can be directed to Professor Sampson ([email protected]).


Sarah Overwise is a liberal arts student at CCP, who will be transferring to Temple in the fall. She will be majoring in Advertising, where she can practice her creativity and passion for business.


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