Students Plan for the Summer

Now that Spring is in the air and warm weather is fast approaching, students at CCP are busy. And not just with upcoming finals, but also with making plans for summer. After a winter that seemed like it would never end, one can’t help but be excited at the idea of warm weather, longer days, and a shorter semester. The summer semesters at CCP are shorter than the spring and fall semesters, and some students choose to take classes straight through as to quicken their time spent here.

CCP English major Kim Talington, for instance, plans to take Public Speaking over the summer 1 semester so that she can walk at graduation.

The summer semesters here at CCP also make for a great opportunity to catch up on classes you may have missed. Lee Dandelias, another student at CCP, will be taking two psychology classes this summer to catch up after taking a semester off. He is also thinking about taking the winter break classes offered at CCP so that he can finish all the classes he needs quickly.

Another great aspect about taking summer classes is you can possibly get a better grade and raise your overall GPA (grade point average) in a shorter time frame than the fall or spring semester. For example, Anthony Forgrove is retaking a math class over the summer because he wants a better overall grade for that particular class. Many students find this easier to do during the summer semester because a shorter semester means less time reviewing old material and more time to improve on grades.

While some students are preparing for more classes this summer, others are ready for summer fun and freedom from the classroom. Editor in Chief of The Vanguard, Michael Castaneda, plans on traveling this summer. He is looking forward to the time off before coming back to CCP for the fall semester. Another student, Imzadi Davis, plans to take classes for the first half of the summer but also wants to get involved with community services and upcoming events throughout the city this summer.

There are many great events happening in Philadelphia during the rest of the spring and into the summer that students can get involved in. Getting involved in such events is a great way to stay involved and gain experiences through our community. It is also a great way to make a summer vacation as productive as it can be fun.

Instead of planning for what classes to take here at CCP in the fall, another group of students will be finishing up their time here at CCP this May. Some of our soon to be alumni have made summer plans to celebrate their hard work and bright futures. Aleksandra Granovskaya is an English major who is graduating this semester and plans to transfer to a university. She plans to celebrate her transfer this summer by taking a trip down the shore with friends. With the transition of students who are finished with their studies at CCP, comes a new group of hopeful students joining our student body. They have come to the right place here at CCP.

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