Convierte el Dolor en Poder

Julio M. Ramirez, Contributing Writer

April 6, 2017

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Editor’s Note: The Vanguard celebrates the diversity among CCP’s students. Our goal is to represent our complete student body to the full­est extent possible. We encourage bilingual students to reach out to us to con...

CCP Students Promised “Hellfire” by Extremist Group

Amanda Cintron, Editor-In-Chief

April 6, 2017

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On the afternoon of Friday, March 17, an extremist Christian group made its way to CCP’s main campus, spreading hateful messages, resulting in stu­dent backlash and even the arrest of a CCP student. The group, who calls themselves...

The United States of America is the free world.

Devonte Gillespie, Business Manager

October 20, 2016

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The United States of America is the free world. The land of opportunity with laws that give all people equality. However, in today’s America, equality does not seem to be equal for all. Social media, and the news media, have...

Small Things, Big Differences

Michael Castaneda

October 21, 2014

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Eating naturally grown food is a lifestyle. One would think that something that sounds this simple would be a part everyone’s everyday routine. The fact is, it’s not. Part of the reason why I’ve joined the Vanguard team...

New Student Government Makes Their Debut

October 23, 2013

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By Justin Clarke & Zach Mentzer The Student Government Association (SGA) held its inauguration on Tuesday, September 25th at noon in the Mint Building Rotunda. The event was attended by representatives of student organiz...

Summer Semesters at the Bookstore

September 30, 2013

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By: Geneva Gerwitz Summer semesters in the bookstore at Community College of Philadelphia offer a slightly different financial experience for students. During Summer I and Summer II, financial aid is offered for a shorter amount...

Bears Defense

August 15, 2013

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By Kenyatta Wright With the recent retirement of Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears Linebacker Lance Briggs now becomes the head of the Bears Defense. After going through a number of scenarios with his agent on possibly...

What are your plans for summer?

June 29, 2013

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Interviews and Mugshots by Geneva Gerwitz   "To finish school and find a job." “Well, first I am graduating from CCP, thank goodness, it’s been two years. Then I’m attending Georgia State University in the Fall. I...

What Do You Want to See More of?

June 28, 2013

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Interviews and Mug shots by, Justin Clarke In February, I served as one of three panelist of Journalist at the Poets and Writer’s Symposium. Many great questions were broached, but one question has continued to linger away ...

Magnor Nichols Speech Competition 2013

May 18, 2013

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By: Cristina Baj On Tuesday April 16th, Community College of Philadelphia’s annual Magner Nichols speech competition was held. This year fourteen people competed in the speech competition, and fifty-one originally auditioned....

Library Seeks Student’s Opinions

May 14, 2013

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By: Zach Mentzer This past Wednesday, CCP’s main campus library held a focus group in its auxiliary classroom on how to improve its services to students. The focus group was conducted without the presence of library faculty ...

GED Exam Set to Change

May 12, 2013

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By: Zach Mentzer On January 2, 2014 several changes will be made to the General Educational Development test (GED), according to a press release from the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). The test is being updated in...