Is My “B*tch” Too B*tchy?

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Is My “B*tch” Too B*tchy?

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A s women, we are often put into places where
we’re walking on eggshells, whether we’re
aware of this or not. I have seen women silence
themselves accepting the bare minimum and I
often ask myself “why?” When did we as women
get so comfortable with shutting up? Are we
really even comfortable or just ok with being yes
women? So conformed to society that we’re
scared to be women.
Recently I was given the opportunity to attend
an event with many sessions filled with
women in journalism but not limited to. During
one of these sessions, the Speaker was Gail
Sheehy an American author, journalist, and
lecturer, who opened up the floor for women to
share a moment where femininity made her feel
powerful. The women started to jump up one
after the other with completely different stories
however I couldn’t help but notice the similarity
in thestories.
Most of the women kept reflecting on their
concern with being perceived as a “bitch”.
T he word seems so dramatic and is seen as an
insult but should it be? And to what extent?
Urban Dictionaries definition for the word Bitch
someone who is inconsiderate and insensitive.
So why are women being looked at as such for
wanting what they deserve? Don’t get me wrong
I am in no way saying to be rude or demand
anything, however, where do we draw the line.
okay with being rude however never shy away from your ideas.
It starts with little things such as the way you
speak. When introducing an idea just
say it! If you have a different take on a certain
situation voice it unapologetically. Many women
say I’m sorry but why? What are you sorry about?
Having a different opinion, don’t be. Another
topic that women settle in would be money. A tip:
don’t accept the first offer ALWAYS
negotiate even if you’re okay with the offer it’s the
principle. Finally, stop saying “yes” because
you’re scared to say “no”.I mentioned earlier the
term yes women that term is something most
women are familiar with because they can identify
with it. If you are saying yes no why you are
saying yes, does this benefit you? Do you have
prior obligations and saying yes to this one thing
could add stress? Don’t it is okay to say no.
The sum of this is I don’t feel like you can be too
bitchy. All the things mentioned in this
article should not define you as a B*tch, but if it
does so be it. The sooner we take advantage of
the word and change our view on it the better
we’ll be as women. You cannot be the best you
worrying about how others will view you. Women
we live in a world that wasn’t created for us
however I think it’s time for a change and I know
you do too!

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