Art In The Mint Rotunda: Siobhan Cahill-Billings

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Art In The Mint Rotunda: Siobhan Cahill-Billings

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If you walked through the Mint Rotun-
da earlier this semester, you might have seen a

cardboard art piece constructed by Siobhan Ca-
hill-Billings, student at CCP, alumni from the Uni-
versity of the Arts, and fine arts bachelor holder.

She, among other students in her class, was asked
to create a room with several accesses to light
which eventually turned into stacks of chairs that
stayed in the former United States Mint. Billings
did not hesitate to share the dull but rewarding
process of her box architecture.
“I wanted to create something that was skeletal”

Billings said, knowing that that would be a diffi-
cult process, given the material she worked with.

The piece had to be a chair too, so she had to
work with that premise and without altering the
shape of one. She seems to have succeeded in her
quest. The chair looks distorted, in a good way.

Some parts of it make it look unfinished and un-
comfortable to sit in.

See? No back support if you sat on it!


Along with the legs being too far up, the piece comes off as an imperfect beauty that Billings went for.
“My classmates described it as pixelated” Billings said, as I nodded my head agreeing with the way her

classmates dubbed it. She wanted her work to be “clean, focused, and versatile” and wants her audi-
ence to keep in mind that cardboard is something that you can make anything out of. Props to Billings

for her achievements now and to come.

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