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The all-new Horticulture Club of CCP is putting the “commu-
nity” in community college. For this environmentally focused

club, emphasis has been put on inclusion. The club aims to foster

a new generation of horticulturalists, aid in environmental con-
servation, combat food insecurities for CCP students, all through

the power of gardening.

Aaron Abeyta, Vice President of the Horticulture Club, and oth-
ers plan to accomplish their goals by educating students on hor-
ticulture, a practice not many are familiar with. They also seek

to provide students with healthy, organic food options by start-
ing a greenhouse and community garden on campus. Club mem-
bers will be taught the basics of gardening and engage in many

agriculture-related events. Abeyta, who is extremely passionate
about horticulture, explains revolutionary gardening practices

such as aquaponics with ease.

Thanks to efforts of Aaron Abeyta and Asia Mapp, the Presi-
dent of the Horticulture Club, the organization has managed to

form connections beyond just CCP. Temple University Ambler is
known for their horticulture program and The Horticulture Club

of CCP is building a relationship with them. Aaron Abeyta him-
self volunteers at Evergreen Farms and is involved in Variety

Club, a camp focused on helping provide opportunities to people
of all abilities and helping them hone their job seeking skills.
Despite being in its infancy, there are already big plans for the
future of the Horticulture Club, such as Plant Sales for students,

a garden dinner where students are invited to relax in the green-
house, and possibly a flower show. Free food giveaways geared

towards low-income students are another event that is designed

to benefit the student body in creative ways.

Fortunately for the Horticulture Club, interest is growing (no
pun intended). There has been strong interest shown in the club
with 20 members already signed up, and the greenhouse ribbon
cutting on October 24 will no doubt bring them more attention.

The club even plans to provide opportunities for one time volun-
teers, making it possible to contribute even if activity schedules

or anything else conflicts with more active participation. If you
are interested in joining this community, you are urged to contact
Asia Mapp or Aaron Abeyta by stopping by the SGA office!

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