THE COMEBACK: The Dawn of A New Era

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THE COMEBACK: The Dawn of A New Era

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Often times people doubt those who end up in the prison system
and begin to lose faith that the people who end up in these types
of situations, can rewrite the narrative for themselves.
However, Meek Mill decided to take the pen and personally
see that his story not have a tragic-cliffhanger ending. In late

August, he donated over 6,000 book bags to low-income stu-
dents, grades pre-k to 12th grade, in 12 different Philadelphia

schools. He not only proved that he could change, but he also
showed that his community is of utmost importance to him and
his legacy. Within his actions, he also created a sense of hope
and understanding of life for people who are also in his shoes or
similar situations, that create a blockade for progress.

He demonstrates to them that no matter how horrible their situ-
ations are or were, they can still make a positive name for them-
selves. Meek Mill is showing why the community he grew up

in, should be proud of him and why black men all over could
use him as a symbol of guidance.
It is especially important for black men because it has become
a daily issue of not being treated fairly, but still expected to
achieve what can feel like the impossible.
He created an atmosphere
for people to believe in themselves and the people who want to
see them win.
At this moment, the only way Meek Mill can tarnish his name
and legacy, is by not continuing down the path he created for
himself. He should continue to engage himself in acts of

good deeds; continue to immerse himself in community out-
reaches and things that are geared towards helping the youth.

He should also try to reach the men both incarcerated and who
are still dealing with the injustices of the system. However, it
should not solely be the youth that resides in Philadelphia, but
youth all over who also face and fear the reality of the injustices

of life. Also, the many men around the country that have no di-
rection to better their situations.

Meek Mill, thank you.

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