MotrPool: By Vets, For Vets

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If you’re a veteran or affiliated with the U.S. military, getting a ride to appointments can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you are severely disabled. One veteran understands this and he created a new mobile app called MotrPool to fix that problem. Community College of Philadelphia student, veteran, and creator of the ride-sharing service bearing that name, Jason DiPietro created an app (two years in the making) in order to give veterans an Uber/Lyft-esque ride-sharing service, without an uncomfortable experience. Any more information? I talked to DiPietro about his app and here’s what he had to say.

On a day when he had no car available, the disabled veteran had to take an Uber to the VA hospital and during the wait, he thought “why isn’t there a ride-sharing service exclusively for veterans?” DiPietro felt this idea would help on a couple of factors, such as helping veterans find employment and help veterans with severe disabilities get to the appointments they need to go to in comfort. “The reason why I decided to challenge Uber and Lyft was because they weren’t exclusive,” DiPietro says. Taxi and cab drivers are making the change to Uber and Lyft, many non-English speakers, which can be difficult for certain riders. When it comes to riding in an Uber or Lyft, doesn’t “feel uncomfortable … as long as the driver is easy to talk to” but there are some people who aren’t. The VMC (Veteran Multi-Service Center) reached out to DiPietro and told him that they needed a transportation service for the “overflow” that they couldn’t handle. The veterans at the VMC were severely disabled and did feel out of place getting into a car with someone who isn’t a veteran. DiPietro wanted to make it so that MotrPool is Americans driving Americans to where they need to go, so there will be next to no language ambiguity when it comes to conversation during travel. It all returns to the relationship between the driver and passenger.

MotrPool is currently looking for veterans to drive, so if you’re a vet, sign up at Along with being a rider, you can also be a writer. On the website, you can contribute to a forum, discussing things like PTSD, TBI, veteran unemployment, homelessness, and suicide, or even things that are more positive. Whatever’s on your mind.

Any more of a reason to be a driver? You’re in luck. The portion of MotrPool will be split 80/20, 80% of the profit earned going to you, the driver, and 20% going to the app. With the hopeful success of MotrPool, DiPietro is hoping to birth a non-profit sharing service called MMT (MotrPool Medical Transport). With this service, severely disabled veterans will be picked up for absolutely free when traveling to their appointments. “We’re hoping that Toyota will donate 10 minivans that are wheelchair accessible and that’ll bring 20 full-time employees through the non-profit that will be veterans as well,” DiPietro says. “Our future goal is to partner up with Lyft and be acquired early if we aren’t able to take over the ride-sharing service.”

So, why not open up your app store and give it a look? Here’s to hoping that the coming success of MotrPool will be able to create a new and ‘closer to home’ ride for our troops and veterans.



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