Pullin’s People: A Convo with CCP Student Robert Long About Live24Hrs

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Along with writing for the Community College of Philadelphia’s student Vanguard, I’m
also a contributing writer for the platform, now an online website, Live24Hrs, founded by blogger, entrepreneur, and student at CCP, Robert Long. In the middle of his last semester at the college, his focus is now predominantly for his business and is teaming up with the school,
entertainers, and collectives across the city in order to make everyone involved shine.
“I started at CCP in Fall 2016 and started Live24Hrs a year or two before that, as a travel
blog,” Long says. At the start, he traveled to different islands and locations across the globe and
used it as a blog to showcase all the beauty of those locations. In Philly, Long checked out the art scene and noticed the talent of many performers, but didn’t have that much of a platform to
showcase what they did. “I started out going to shows in Philly where the artists were great but
weren’t selling as much, so I wanted to figure out what I could do to help people who I thought
were so great.
“CCP is amazing for me because I get to meet so many eager people.” Long mentions.
“When I started here, I had no clue what I wanted to do professionally. After being here for a
year and a half, I still have no clue, but I have a clearer idea how to be more organized and
juggle a heavier workload.” It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur, and even though Robert Long
doesn’t really know what he wants to do professionally, he already has a clear and crisp image of what it’s like to be in an environment where people do that kind of thing. “It was a skill that I’ve never had until I’ve had five classes and a home to maintain and a full-time job.”
For the website, Robert states that he’s looking for “people who want to bring their
energy to the site. It’s going under construction right now and we’re looking for influencers,
models, photographers, and artists.” Anyone who is in the performing arts, graphic arts, or
entrepreneurs who are trying to get their businesses off of the ground to contribute to the
website. It’s still a working progress and the best way for Long to advertise his platform is
Instagram. “It’s very social, accessible, and user-friendly, so if I put an event on Instagram, no
doubt that I’ll have some tickets sold immediately.”
Along with artists and entrepreneurs, Long is giving props to the school that taught him
what he needed to do to create this business and will definitely allow events hosted by students

or the school on the website. “I would love to do collaborations with CCP and I just put in my

submissions to start an organization on campus called ‘the Entrepreneur Circuit’, shortened to
Trap Circuit.” Expect it later this year.
“My plan is to help emerging artists raise visibility on their brands,” Robert says. He does
it to both help them get their businesses out into the city, which is what keeps his business alive.
Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the country and has many different artists from the
many different neighborhoods in them. Robert Long wants to use that to his advantage, so the
further an artist’s work is spread out in the city, the healthier his business becomes. “Stay lit!”
Robert says.
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