5 Books to Jumpstart Your New Year

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5 Books to Jumpstart Your New Year

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1.Angela Duckworth’s Grit

Angela Duckworth ties together her own story, and the stories of others all to hint at the many elements of success. No, success is not always about who has the most skill, or who has the most “know all”. When passion and persistence takes a jab in the ring, it certainly stands up to talent in a fair fight. Grit introduces to readers, the power of hard work, endurance, and the spirit of a non-giving up behavior. When you mix those elements together, you have grit, and when you have grit, you have all it takes to win!

2.Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements

Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, is protocol for acceptance, love, and happiness in your life. There’s always apart of us that feels constrained, but Ruiz redirects that energy, by giving readers something to stand for–yourself. This book, is the definition of self love. We could all use a free mind, and happiness, which all starts with choices.This book forces readers to make promises to themselves and putting forth your best, all while dropping assumptions,listening well, and subtracting negative input from others. Turn the pages of The Four Agreements, and make vows to be happy all 365 days of the new year, and the rest of your life.

3. George S.Clason’s Richest Man In Babylon

In a fable style of writing, Clason presents financial management in a simple fashion, yet, drops some major financial tips and wisdom.The short story follows a set of characters, that are taught from a financial guru tips to ensure monetary growth. The teachings of the guru, outline saving, and making a priority to pay yourself; while, touching on other topics that cover why the idea of credit makes perfect sense, investment, and the significance of not throwing away one’s earnings to the frivolous gambles of life.This is the book you need, to introduce the idea of financial awareness to your life–short, sweet, and to the point!

 4. James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh

This book is geared towards your mind.It reveals the obvious, but often overlooked number 1 life accomplishment, and that’s the power to overcome, and rule your thoughts! The mind is pretty great at what it does, it helps us to believe any and everything you tell it. That is why it’s crucial what we feed our brains– the idea, “so you shall think it, so you shall become” gets uplifted and revised in Allen’s As A Man Thinketh. This book inspires positive thoughts about oneself, and therefore, spills over into the reality of the life one lives. After reading, As A Man Thinketh, you simply apply the thoughts, and simply live the life!  

5. Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge

The Slight edge unleashes the principles of life that urge discipline, and sticking with your goals. If you want to stay fit, stay healthy, stay saving, stay learning, and stay happy, it is important that you stay disciplined! It is important that you make the right changes to your life, and understand the aspects of keeping goals, regardless of the time it takes to achieve them. Success is not always an overnight achievement, it is a reoccurrence of habit and dedication, and when success is won, it is glorious. Read slight Edge for the framework of motivation. 

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