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Amada Restaurant review

If it were not considerably distasteful to regurgitate the Patatas Bravas, with its crispy edges, and soft, buttery insides, or the savory Wagyu Sirloin, I would have done so at the table almost immediately! You, too would have done the same. Right below 2nd and Chestnut street, lies a restaurant with a classic-modern look, and with standard lettering,dimly lit lighting, presenting the restaraunt in a “ta-da here we are!” feel reads AMADA. Amada has been open since 2005, and the restaurant’s spanish inspired cuisine kept it in the Philadelphia’s Old City section for over a decade now.The food didn’t always come out as quickly as desired, but that may have been a result of my clearing of the plates at rapid speed; Also, the restaurant is tapa style, so the plates were rather small. Those things are miniscule, if you’re expecting good food. The Patatas Bravas, also known as spicy potatoes took the appearance of small, potato blocks, topped with a creamy, spicy sauce. The Wagyu Sirloin, was by far, my favorite dish. At times, it can be hard to receive that perfectly cooked steak;The Wagyu was juicy, tender, and grilled in ways the seasoning took greatly. It’s sinful to leave without dessert, and I finished up with Tocinillo de Cielo. The dessert is a spanish egg cream, it resembles a pudding-like whipping of vanilla, orange, and cinnamon flavors… very impactful!


Battle of Germantown Reenactment

Gunfire and the sounds of cannons filled the 6400 block of Germantown avenue on Saturday, October 7th, 2017. Any other time, this would be alarming,but,the conscious few knew that sounds of gunfire on the first Saturday of October in the city’s Germantown section were exactly the sounds one wants to hear while strolling through the community on a warm, autumn, afternoon.That’s the sound of the historical reenactment of The Battle of Germantown! The Battle of Germantown is Philadelphia’s involvement in the American Revolutionary war, which was fought for America’s independence from Britain. The Reenactment started in the center of Germantown avenue, where the british (in red coats) marched down the streets, proposing fire towards the Americans. Later, as the American troops retreated, the majority of the reenactment appeared deeper onto the Cliveden house premises, just East of Germantown ave, where the British won. The actors were dressed in full 1700s ensembles, and depicted the war perfectly; Actor’s could be seen shooting from windows, and tumbling to the ground in sudden deaths.The entire reenactment did not propose itself without a history lesson and commentary done by Tom McGuire, stating, “This is the 240th anniversary of the battle reenactment, all of which takes us 15 months to create, and prepare for; Once this is over, we will begin preparation for next year.” The preparation is evident in the dedication of the actors, as well as all the historical sights,and monumental coverage that takes place on the premises of The Cliveden house. Along with the battle reenactment,attendees can expect open tours of The Cliveden museum this day, and every year on the first Saturday of October!

Blocktober Fest South Street

South Street’s block party, stretching from 18th and South to Broad street on October 14th, 2017 was the epitome of fun. Blocktoberfest started at 12:00 noon, and continued until 8:00 PM that evening. As the heavily advertised event simply stated, “Beer, Food, Music, Philly”, it was nothing short of those four things in a nutshell. The event was free to everyone to attend, with the expenses being just the food, and beer, which was high in variety. Food trucks filled the street, a few being, Pbon’s Fresh Phood Philly, My four Suns Korean Fusion, The Happy Pita Vegan, Mi Pueblito,Waffles and Wedges, and plenty more. The diversity of food trucks at Blocktoberfest proved the “no hungry person left behind law” was in full effect! I did, however, have the privilege of trying a waffle from Waffles and Wedges (originally located on 15th & Pine);The business sells waffles that are overloaded with all types of delicious treats. I tried the Cookie Monster Waffle, topped with Cookie dough, Oreos, Speculoos, and whipped cream…Delicious! The block party was musically headlined by, Bent Knee, a rock band, who took the stage at about 6:45PM. The best part about South street’s Blocktober Fest may have been the beer, no not simply for adding the fun, social aspect to the event, but for its proceeds. At the expense of a $15 (if purchased prior) and $20 (day of) wristband, the wristband includes several beers, but the proceeds, also, help several charities. The charities supported are concerning education, environment, and arts in the Philadelphia area. You can get a full list of charities supported in the past year, with the help of the event on: Thank You, Blocktober Fest for the philanthropy, as well as the delivering promise of: Beer, Food, Music, Philly!

Harry Potter Fest

October just isnt October without three headed dogs, witchcraft, and wizardry!Those three things just so happened to take place in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill area from October 20th-21st,and have done so for the past 7 years. There’s only one explanation for these three things to coexist in such muggle territories, and that’s the celebration of The Harry Potter Festival! The entire Chestnut Hill dedicated the area to Harry Potter themes and festivities. Restaurants in the area, such as Iron Hill Brewery, were in full Harry Potter decor with pictures of the characters. Vendors set up shop, with the sale of items that embodied the true Harry potter theme; There were wands, sorcerer’s hats, and even opportunities to take pictures with a 3 headed dog! On Saturday, Chestnut Hill College hosted a Quidditch match, a lively reenactment of the very game played in the book/movie; And before you question its ability to live up to the hype- yes, they incorporated broomsticks.The event brought out, a plethora of people, all came to walk the streets, and share together in their love for Harry Potter. True fans filled Germantown Avenue dressed to embody a character or in some form of Harry Potter relevancy. This proved to be the one Halloween event where everyone appeared quite happy to arrive in similar costumes– 10 points to Chestnut Hill!

Philadelphia is filled with so many affordable and free events. Honestly, if Fall is not your favorite time of year, and these recurring events, are not enticing enough for you… mark your calendars for these upcoming few, and visit

The Thanksgiving Day Parade November 25th 2017

Macy’s Christmas Light Show November 24th December 2017

Blue Cross Riverrink Winterfest November 24th-March 2018

Dilworth Park Ice Rink- November 10th-February 2018

Philadelphia Marathon & Half Marathon November 17th-19th

Longwood Gardens Winter Gardens- November 23rd-January 7th

Terror Behind The Walls- Now- November 11th

Universoul Circus- November 2nd-26th

Contemporary Art Craft Show- November 9th-12th


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