How College Serves You – How You Serve College

With more than 70 college degrees and certificate programs awarded in Business, Humanities, Health, Liberal Arts, Science, Technology, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences- as quoted from the College’s Key Facts Bulletin- it is clear  that the Community College of Philadelphia is truly the ‘Path to Possibility’. But did you know that CCP can also offer more than 70 different ways to begin building a lifetime of success and networks? Throughout the average college experience pupils tend to simply attend class and consider the day complete, thus, flying home and far away from campus with a bag only light labored. From the student who is preparing to transfer, to a seasoned peer who has their own family, a job and household to keep, and bills to pay- the campus setting can provide more than just a place to crunch down assignments.

The pivoting 21st century economy demands a college degree. With today’s influx of interns-to-be, waving about a nice B.A, more is demanded to define yourself from the horde of eager graduates. A degree, soft skills AND an academic resume provides a well-polished hook to fish for opportunity well beyond a clock-able day of pay. Through resources such as the career-center, faculty can help a student create the resume needed to launch themselves into the competitive environment of real world. Establishments such as The Center for Male Engagement can set a student up for lifelong companions and networks that translate into real-life support systems, way beyond the classroom. Visit the financial aid window to discover if you are eligible for college-work study, and start raking in soft skills and experience! So, we know how college can lead to a degreebut let’s explore what you can do to serve your college and your future.

With opportunities such as: peer tutoring, college work-study, advocacy, volunteering, student-government affiliation, scholarships, poetry slams, campus-festivals and all of the opportunities for engagement that sit pinned on the cork boards that spangle the halls, there is so much more to campus-life other than getting done and getting out with a degree in hand. “Education comes first, the campus is a safe haven. There is nothing else better to do than learn, [and learn] more and more about [your]self every day.” Peer Advisor Michael Luna discusses, “Nothing in life is easy. [But] when the risk is worth the reward, the end result is soothing.” Using the tools for participation and cultivation available to him, (and to you!) Luna honed in on a service that the student body has found a need. Partnered with the ever-attentive faculty and dedicated staff, Michael is proud to investigate the launch of a student support club, with the intention to advocate and pacify the hurdles formed from addiction recovery and depression.

It is a service forged by a peer, for our peers. “Honesty, accountability and forgiveness [is my goal] If [we] can implement those solid principles, it’d be able to beat the disease of addiction if not depression and anxiety.”  He discussed, “[As far as student involvement] No matter what it is, the sooner you learn to get involved the sooner your voice will have a valid point.” The engagement and the example set for the peer community by individuals such as Michael Luna can serve as motivation to begin building your academic career and story of success! College can be measured through more than a high cumulative GPA, or straight A’s or scholarships. Student success can be crafted by the individuals ready to make a change in the environment they dedicate the most time in. With the comfort and know-how of attentive faculty and dedicated staff whose mission statement is to help you achieve more than simply your degree, the success stories are just waiting to be written. So, CCP, let’s show them what we can do, too!

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