Alexa’s Notes: CCP Campus Survival Kit

The Write Away!


You need…

  • The Writes to Success!

My advice to you? Get familiar with these places right away!


The Financial Aid Office ✅


“How do I understand _____ on my FAFSA form?!”

“Where can I find my tuition bill?!”

“When will I receive my refund?!”

The Financial Aid Office is located in the Bonnell building on 17th street and is available for all questions necessary from students concerning financial needs and loan information! If there is a particular form needed for loans, dependents, independents, appeals and other miscellaneous F.A. needs, they are all available here!


The Bursar Office ✅


Don’t let your bill go unpaid! Don’t lose your spot in your classes!

The Bursar Office is located in the Bonnell building on 17th street, directly across from the F.A. center and is available for all payments made to the school for classes.


Academic Advising ✅


Not sure what classes to take? Not sure if a class is going to satisfy a void or need on your journey to completing your major’s needs?

Academic Advising is located in the Bonnell in room BG-12, here to assist any student in need of help with class scheduling.


Single Stop ✅


Education asspirations are always a lot harder to reach when personal needs are lingering in every corner…take some lingering away and make a Single Stop to the Mint building in room M1-21 for personal financial concerns such as food, healthcare, or employment (to name a few).


Student Life Building ✅

Get involved! Join a club! Organize your rights in an organization, because college is all about involvement and fun too! The Student life building, better known as the Winnet is home of several clubs and organizations for students wanting satisfaction beyond their academics.


The Write help!

I’m writing to you, because we all need the right help on the road to success.

Help is on the way…


The Center on Disability ✅


Can’t quite keep up with teaching methods? Maybe you learn at your own pace or differently…

The Center on Disability helps students with academic needs to pass classes in an environment that might not suit their learning needs.


Learning Labs ✅


Learning Labs are available to aid in securing that A! Need a tutor?!

  • Central Learning Lab provides tutoring in English, Spanish, Arts, and Social Sciences (Located in B1-28)
  • Science and Technology Learning Lab provides tutoring in Biology,Chemistry, and other natural sciences (Located in Library L1-LL)
  • Math Learning Lab provides tutoring in any math course, accounting, economics, and business courses (Located in B2-36)


The Write Eats!

Finally,what’s a commuters campus without food?!

From 12th and Spring Garden through 20th and Spring Garden there are multiple food facilities to choose from.

Near the subway entrances on 13th street on West Spring Garden street there is a SaladWorks, and Dunkin Donuts, across the street lining on East Spring Garden street from 13th to 16th, there is a City View Pizza, Maza Taza, Pronto’s pizza, and a string of food trucks. The food trucks rang from Halal food, Mike’s Breakfast & Lunch, a Smoothie truck, Mexican,and several others.


*Dunkin Donuts – offers a large coffee iced or hot every Tuesday with any form of Septa Transpass

*City View- offers the best buffalo chicken and BBQ chicken pizza on this side of town

Upon entering the main entrances of campus on 17th and Spring Garden, you’ll see the cafe/ Pavilion building, as well as another string of food carts. The food carts range from breakfast, Jamaican D’s, Mexican food, and more Halal.


Leaving campus, and further towards the CBI building lands us at 7/11 on 20th and Spring Garden. Then, Golden Chopsticks and Subway located on 18th and Spring Garden.


Further leaving the campus towards 20th-21st streets and Hamilton Street, the campus has a

Dim Sum Noodle, Chi Cho San, Domino’s, WaWa, and a Whole Foods.


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