Alumnae Connections: Stepping Stones

If the process of entering a post college or university after Community College of Philadelphia has ever had you wondering, “how is this transition going to pan out?” or pondering about furthering your education past this institution, I could give you the inside “scoop” from one of our very own.

Kelcey Gibbons was not only an attendee, but a graduate of CCP, and she is now not only a graduate, but a student now furthering her education at The University of Pennsylvania.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Kelcey is a Cognitive Science major, a major that deals with sociology, psychology, science, and computers all in one! A intricate major, and it started all here at CCP.

All of what Kelcey loved about CCP and misses about the institution were stepping stones to her mountain top that is the University of Pennsylvania, and can be yours too. Kelcey shared that CCP was her first real classroom experience and gave her the ability to network with people. This ability is a key to her successes as it aided in her getting use to her classes at Penn. When asked about what she missed most about CCP, Kelcey replied, “The classes at CCP were a lot smaller, some of my classes at Penn can have as many as 100 students or more, when CCP had at max [about] 30”

Kelcey added that the honors program was her favorite attribute of CCP. The honors program in her opinion, was really good at challenging students to their best abilities. The honors program at CCP in sum is a program that delivers a block of classes that is fixated to be an intense learning experience for students. Thanks to the honors program, it helped Kelcey with all the programs that Penn has to offer, which is her favorite attribute at her new institution.

Kelcey’s biggest advice to current students at CCP is, “Do not get intimidated by the application process and the financial aid office. Stick with them” The application process has proven to be plenty of work for Kelcey and other students, but this help is all here at your leisure as long as you continue to step forward, and step forward again!

Soon CCP would have helped to produce a future cognitive science professor and artificial technology scientist, which are Kelcey’s goals! Community college of Philadelphia has not only made a contribution to Kelcey, but Kelcey made a contribution to CCP. She is proof of the quality and standard that CCP produces. She is proof that you, too can achieve greatness here.

No longer ponder, take these steps.

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