Stories from May 2017 CCP Graduates

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As Spring 2017 graduation is approaching, the Vanguard was curious about our May 2017 graduates’ experience at CCP, their future plans after the graduation, and useful advice for the future CCP graduates. Here are their stories:

Binex Varghese – Business Administration major at CCP

“I enrolled in CCP as an ESL student at the beginning. And now I am going to graduate after this semester and transferring to Temple University. My major at Temple would be accounting and I am glad to say that my accounting professors are the motivation factors helped me to pick the major that fits best to me. I believe CCP offers the best environment for students who want to be successful. CCP helped me to earn my Associate degree without any student debt.”

Nicholas Ostaszewski – Business Administration major at CCP

“When I started CCP in the spring semester of 2015, I was unsure of my future career. I started as an undecided student with little ambition and care for CCP. When the fall semester of 2015 came, everything changed. Thanks to the assistance of family members and counselors from CCP, I have changed my major to Business Administration. As I finish up my final semester of CCP, I am excited for graduation and my future studies. I will graduate with high honors.

After CCP, I will attend Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a major in Supply Chain Management. I hope to be heavily involved in the classroom and other programs throughout the university. I will attain my Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration under Supply Chain Management and will possibly attend grad school.

My advice for current CCP students would be– Definitely get involved! It was hard for me because I have two part-time jobs, but I regret not getting involved any sooner. I joined LEADs and Phi Theta Kappa in the Fall 2016 semester and I wish I joined them earlier! Also, you’re at CCP for a short time so make the most of it by communicating with others! Also, establish a positive relationship with professors, advisers, and counselors as it could be extremely beneficial towards yourself.”

Aurora Dalipaj – Biology major at CCP

“As an immigrant, every step of success in this country probably will be loaded with more emotions. Graduating this May from CCP means a lot to me because I will finally start working on my Bachelor’s degree, and so I will be one step closer to my final goal. I started attending College almost three years ago, placed in a very low level regarding my English proficiency, but now I am finally graduating from CCP! Knowing that I am graduating from the school where their main language is the one that I was not able to speak three years ago, which it gives me a sense of pride.

I am transferring to four-year university after graduating from CCP, and then I will be studying in graduate school with a major in Dentistry. As I am expecting two more graduations in the future, I am not planning on attending the commencement in May to reserve my feelings for my future accomplishments.

I would advice everyone to ask and explore the College early. By the time you graduate, you will be able to see how much you have missed in the past semesters by not talking and knowing things in the right time. Also, make friends! It makes the whole experience at the College much more special!”

These are absolutely inspiring stories and priceless advices from our CCP class of 2017! Congratulations on your graduation and your achievement! We wish you guys the best of luck on your new journey!

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Stories from May 2017 CCP Graduates