Food For Thought: A La Mousse

Hye-yun Sohn, Web Editor

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Matcha is powder form of green tea, which it commonly uses not only for beverages, but also for various types of dessert. Matcha is originally from Japan and it is well known for its health benefits and nutrition facts. Most of all, matcha is widely known as antioxidant-rich as well as metabolism boosting food. For these reasons, matcha has been rapidly gaining its popularity in the U.S. over the past few years.

As matcha became the trendy food in our society, there is a matcha dessert place where you could go and try it in town. A La Mousse is the place where you could explore their wide variety of matcha beverages and desserts. It is located in Chinatown at 145 N. 11 Street.

Among their awesome looking great selection of bakery and dessert items, ‘sizzling ice cream’ on their menu absolutely caught my attention. As ice cream is supposed to be stored in low temperature, I thought that it is quite inconceivable image of dessert that they are offering.

Apparently, ‘sizzling ice cream’ is served in a hot pan with matcha brownie and one scoop of ice cream of your choice from their options. It is called ‘sizzling ice cream’ because they pour matcha sauce on the top and it start sizzling. The combination of matcha brownie and ice cream may sound too sweet or heavy, however, the distinctive bitter taste of matcha actually blends well with the sweetness of brownie and the ice cream. Above all, it was fun experience to see ice cream on the sizzling pan.

Moreover, A La Mousse also has a great number of beverage items on their tea and coffee list. Since I went there to explore matcha based menu, I tried their ‘iced matcha coconut latte’. At first, I was amazed by the fact that they provide other milk substitutes for their latte options such as almond milk and coconut milk. This would be a great alternative for people who have strict diet in terms of their dairy intake. As a matcha and coconut enthusiast myself, this ‘iced matcha coconut latte’ was outstanding! I was able to taste both flavors quite well at the same time and they definitely blend well each other.

Overall, my experience at the A La Mousse was very satisfying, and therefore I would highly recommend this place for those who are looking for healthier dessert and drink options, as match has a long list of amazing health benefits.

One great tip for your visit, they only sell matcha cream puffs on weekends and they tend to sell out fairly quick so you might as well plan your visit ahead. If you would like to try their matcha cream puffs, weekend morning would be ideal. Besides, I have told that they have been opened their business a little over a year now, and they are about to open their second location in the center city soon.

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Food For Thought: A La Mousse