Julio M. Ramirez, Contributing Writer

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How many times have you felt as though life was taking you to places where pain and isolation were constant? More impor­tantly, how many times have you been able to transform those situations into the power necessary for heal­ing? Throughout life we experience different situ­ations which bring about pleasure and pain. All of us are open to accept love and happiness although we find it near impossible to accept or understand pain, when in fact, pain could be the best source of power.

When we talk about pain most people are un­comfortable discussing it; naturally, humans are afraid of pain and willing to accept pleasure. There are so many people who, after a brake up, start to go to the gym or begin a commitment to change bad habits in their lives while others that just stay at home feeling defeated and awful about themselves. There are some people who, after experiencing one of their parents suffering from addiction or alcoholism end like them and others who do not. The power to reframe and give a different inter­pretations to those events makes us able to choose what path we want to take, and which to avoid.

In college, our prob­lems are consist of balanc­ing time with our love ones while we succeed in our studies. Sometimes, when we are not able to deliver these results we feel like slaves to responsibility, often regretting the day we enrolled in college. College is something that you have to be able to see the greater picture in every moment because we may think that our efforts are worthless because they do not give us instant results. This situation could make some students drop their classes or stop pursu­ing a major. Both decisions depend on how you reframe the problems that are ap­pearing around you.

In the book “Man’s search of Meaning” by Vik­tor Frankl, the fight between natural instincts and person­al morals for survival lead people to a nazi concentra­tion camp to act like would never act. This situation opened the analysis about, as the author puts it, “the last of the humans freedoms”. Frankl states “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way” He tells us through the story that there were people who discon­nect from their humanity and started to let others just be killed in front of them, while others, who knew with certainty that they will going to die were able to show compassion and generosity.

Problems are the roots of solutions. In early civilization our ancestors once searched for a safe place to rest, but because they were not able to find it, most of them just fell into desperation. However, one of them probably accepted the situation as an opportu­nity and came with the idea to use materials at hand to build a shelter. If we read the history of humanity everything is about how men and women are open to think outside the box and create a new reality from one where they are facing a lot of adversity

Human beings are naturally creative individuals. We have the power to ad­dress a problem and refrain it. Even though an indi­vidual could be experiencing a lot of pain they can create power from that pain.

The power of choosing how they are going to feel and how they are go­ing to behave. The power of choosing to stay in college even though it may be chal­lenging and inconvenient. It does not matter that everything around you be­cause you, as a human being have the power to give new interpretations to the events in your life. Believe in the fact that this is how you can heal your wounds because resilience, and not indiffer­ence is what creates change.

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