CCP Faculty Union Update

Ashley Bald, Associate Editor

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This spring se­mester here at CCP started off with some very serious issues re­garding union contracts for faculty and staff. There are many prob­lems that have arrived from the unfair union contract negations cur­rently taking place, but a big issue undoubtedly is the lack of knowledge throughout the student body. As discussed in our earlier issue fac­ulty, staff and students have been coming to­gether to find common ground and interests in relation to these unre­solved union contract agreements. It is very obvious that there are many common goals, concerns and interests throughout the school. The most recent event, “Speaking with One Voice: Solidarity Lunch” that took place on Feb­ruary 8th in the Coffee House was all about faculty, staff and stu­dents to have a time and open format to discuss all of the possible issues on the table. During that lunch meeting ideas were being exchanged and acknowledged widely.

Students and instructors alike believe that working conditions are teaching conditions. A possible increase in workload will only lead to a decreased quality of education, and a huge time and pay sacrifice for faculty and staff. It will absolutely affect the already intense sched­ules of our full time faculty and risk the jobs of our part time faculty.

Students and teachers agreed that taking to social media to speak about our concerns is a very effective step to take. Not only does word spread quickly, but it is a sure way to reach the most people as well as many people who care about the union issues as much as we do. #CCPworksbc­wedo #3faircontracts

Finding a way to collaborate on these issues and join forces to protect what we know and love about Com­munity College of Phil­adelphia is extremely important. We need to join together to make sure that we can keep our teacher’s schedules manageable, that they can have enough time to adequately help their students outside of the classroom, that the pay they receive for their time is fair, and also that they can maintain healthcare benefits with­out having to lose out on income. Faculty and staff here at CCP stated at a Board of Trustees meeting that students are their first priority, which is why preserving reasonable course loads, faculty and staff diver­sity, affordable health­care, and opportunities for advancement is such a high priority. #aft2026

There is a very influential group called the “Pennsylvania Stu­dent Power Network” that functions solely to bring together Penn­sylvania university stu­dents, youth, and allies. Their goal is to fight oppression, fight against unfair conditions and also for your futures. These students all over and gathering together to fight issues that are affecting their schools, instructors and educa­tion environments. You can find their Facebook page and connections @ pastudentpower where all upcoming events, issues and meetings are posted. James Cerson­sky, a director at the Pennsylvania Student Power Network, at­tended our Speaking with One Voice meet­ing and shared with us the information about their organization and that we can reach out to them regarding what we experiencing here at CCP. Not only were they willing to reach out to us, but they are gather­ing people from schools all over Pennsylvania to deal with issues like Trump’s presidency and the affects that has on education, unfair immi­gration laws and unfair wages for teachers and student workers.

If you would like to keep track of events happening at CCP in relation to these is­sues please feel free to visit the “Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia” page @ aft2026 on Facebook to see information, dates and events that are oc­curring and how to get involved.. Don’t leave our faculty and staff to defend themselves, find a way to help. Our chil­dren deserve an educa­tion environment where teachers are valued as the essential and impact­ful part of our lives that they are.

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CCP Faculty Union Update