Food For Thought: Philly Flavors

Christopher Tremoglie, Managing Editor

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Hey Colonials! Do you want to know the best grub spots in Philly? Make sure to check out the Vanguard’s featured restaurant each issue under out new food column, Food for Thought.

With the spring season upon us, the craving for delicious cold treats is soon to come. As Rita’s Water Ice has a first day of spring tradition of free water ice and Dairy Queen has a first day of spring tradition of a free ice cream cone, one can satisfy their cravings and treat their taste buds at a local Philadelphia gem a quick walk from CCP’s center city campus.

Philly Flavors could quite possibly be Philadelphia’s most hidden gem of a dessert shops. Serving delicious treats such as homemade cookies, delicious ice cream and mouth-watering Italian ice – or “wooder-ice” for us locals, Philly Flavors is a must try! They have four great locations all around Center City/South Philly area including three extremely close to campus:

2004 Fairmount Ave., 44 South 19th Street, 343 South 13th Street.

They advertise themselves as “where ice cream meets your taste buds in a glorious summer that never ends” and truer words may have never been spoken. They have been serving amazing homemade ice cream since 2004 and have something for everyone. Whether you crave Water Ice, a frozen drink, a warm cookie or an ice-cream aficionado, this place will make your mouth water – and then freeze it with a cold snack!

When I visited there to engage in gluttonous behavior, I was immediately swept off my feet with the “Downside Up” banana split. It was quite possibly the most amazing ice-cream treat I have ever had in my entire life. If you like ice cream and you like banana splits, this will leave you orgasmic. The size, the taste, the mixture, the toppings, it was everything one could dream of in a banana split. As a guest, you get to choose three different ice cream flavors for your banana split – they have 23. Additionally, they have soft serve ice cream if that is what you desire as well. Comprised with a variety of toppings, this treat from the Gods is a must have for the spring, for the summer, for the week, forever!

Additionally, I tasted one of their amazing cookies. It was fantastic and they treat you to a request whether or not you want it warmed up before consumption. I recommend doing so. It was magnificient.

The location I visited was on Fairmount Ave. This area has experienced a rejuvenation as of recent with a bunch of new bars and sports leagues in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, it is located directly next to a pizza place. This area has everything, anyone can want as far as food and entertainment purposes from pizzerias, to bars to Eastern State Penitentiary across the street. After one explores this area, I highly recommend stopping by to cap off your night with one of the myriad of delicious treats they offer at this godsend.

I highly recommend Philly Flavors and it should be voted as Philly’s Best Ice Cream Parlor. Heck, it should be voted as the Solar System’s best ice cream parlor. The cookies and downside up banana split were just two of the delectable treats this parlor offers. It caps the perfect evening for a night out, a date or just a daily craving. With warmer weather just around the corner, I rate Philly Flavors as a must try, must do, must have and must experience!

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Food For Thought: Philly Flavors