As We Enter 2017, Money will Exit Your Pockets

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

With the new year literally only hours away, Philadelphians must be prepared to have a little less money in your pockets. With the new year comes higher prices specifically for driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Comcast services, a new gas tax and of course, last but not least, sugary beverages.

The following is the breakdown of how 2017 will be affecting your wallet:

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls: Starting January 8th, tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will have a six percent increase. The Turnpike Commission says the most frequent toll for a passenger vehicle will average about fifteen cents more for cash customers, from $1.80 to $1.95, and will increase about seven cents more for E-Z Pass customers, from $1.16 to $1.23.

Comcast: Starting Sunday, Comcast customers will receive an increase on their bill for Internet and television services. The increase will be 3.8 percent. Not a huge increase, but, as another Ben Franklin saying goes, ” a penny saved is a penny earned” and if you have Comcast, get ready to lose pennies.

Pennsylvania gas tax: Starting New Year’s, the state’s wholesale gas tax will increase 8 cents per gallon for gasoline. The increase will be 11 cents per gallon for diesel fuel. These increases are expected to be passed on to motorists at the pump. Starting in just a few hours, Pennsylvania drivers will be hit with an increase of 8 cents per gallon in taxes – 78 cents per gallon in taxes, an increase from the current 70 cents. The state’s wholesale tax will make up about 58 cents.

Soda Tax: Last but not least is the controversial “soda tax.” One of Mayor Kenney’s new initiatives will tax most sugary drinks starting tomorrow. The tax adds 1.5 cents per ounce to most sugary drinks. The tax will be applied at the distributor level, yet the increase will be passed on to consumers who purchase sugary products.

The good news is if you were planning to start a new diet for a new year’s resolution, in addition to getting healthier, you will also be saving money. Ditch the car, grab a bike, eliminate Comcast and 2017 can lead to a new, improved and fiscally disciplined you.


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As We Enter 2017, Money will Exit Your Pockets