Eagles, Phillies, Sixers greatness is coming

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On September 8th, 2016, the NFL’s 2016-17 football season began with the reigning and defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos defeating the Carolina Panthers. For many, this was just the start a new exciting season, but for Philadelphia could it spark the beginning of another great era of great Philly sports.

The Philadelphia Eagles may be the only Philly team with little success in the last five years. After firing head coach Andy Reid, the Eagles hired former college coach Chip Kelly. For two seasons, Kelly coached the Eagles to back to back 10-6 seasons.

However, in Kelly’s third and final season, he took over control of the team personnel and had power in signing players, drafting players, and trading players. At this time, many people saw this as the beginning and the end of Coach Kelly’s tenure in Philadelphia. The Eagles finished the season as 6-9 and Kelly was fired.

Fast forward to today and the Eagles look in better shape. They’ve got a new head coach in Doug Pederson who is the ex offensive coordinator for Andy Reid in Kansas City.

With a young wide receiving core, a pretty steady offensive line, and a solid defense, the Eagles look to be in moving into a new era.

For the Philadelphia Phillies, the time for a complete rebuild seemed to take forever. Over time during his tenure, many fans called for former GM Ruben Amaro Jr.’s firing. In the off season in 2015, fans finally got their wish. When the Phillies finally fired Amaro and brought in current GM Matt Klentak, fans believed to be in a new era. Klentak has broken up the final pieces of the aging Phillies core and allowed the young players to play and in result the Phillies are on track to have a better record this season. Clearly, Klentak came into this job with rebuild in mind and Klentak has succeeded while having a mindset of running the big market Phillies as a small market team, one can only wait to see how the Phillies money will be sent.

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a very deep hole in their rebuild, which reportedly will last seven years. Like the Eagles McNabb, Sixers legend Allen Iverson will be inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame which will officially close the door on ‘The Anwser’ era. WIth the current Sixers ‘tanking’ for a better draft pick, it seems to be playing off. In the 2016 NBA draft, the Sixers drafted Ben Simmons. He is a 6’10 small forward that some liken to Lebron James when watching him work out. With a very young but talented roster, the Sixers may not need the full seven years to be contention.

Although, Philadelphia sports teams have been not so fun to watch lately, expect change to come soon. The Eagles may be the most closest to being a top team, the Phillies and Sixers are not that far behind. In the coming years as Philadelphia is know to being a great sports city soon that reputation will be a true fact.

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Eagles, Phillies, Sixers greatness is coming