Painting a Brighter Future – A Journey of Art and Self Discovery

Ashley Bald, Associate Editor

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For CCP student Andrew Daniels, trying to balance school and the busy schedule that comes with it, while also caring for his two daughters, proves to be quite a challenge. But, he says, it’s one that came to him as a blessing.

Daniels is an Art and Design major here at CCP, and an amazing talented artist that’s accomplishing so much more outside of school than just homework.

Growing up in an urban community has shown its flaws in Daniels’ case, and caused him some hardships in life. As a child he did not have access to the arts, but instead coped with violence in the city. He struggled greatly to figure out who he was and where he belonged. Eventually his environment led him in the wrong direction, and he found himself in prison.

While incarcerated, he accidentally discovered his talent and passion for art while simply trying to earn money to get by. Art became the only outlet he had to cope with the situation he was in.

After his sentence was over, he pursued his dreams to follow his new found love for art. He started working with the Mural Arts program as an assistant artist, making paintings for commission.

“I had no idea when I was younger that I would have any interest in art as a career,” Daniels says. “I feel that if I had more support as a child I could have entered the art field sooner. I want to help children experience art at young age, and give them a way to express themselves that I never had. Everyone should know that they can be anything that they want to be”
In an attempt to stay busy, he decided to attend college, where he has been studying for the past two years. Ever since he discovered this extraordinary talent, he has been working hard to further develop his skills not only to graduate, but also to make a living as a freelance artist.

Every skill the instructors teach goes into immediate use in his personal work. He has proven his success and participated in many art exhibitions not only in Philadelphia but also New York City. Making custom artwork for clients consumes most of his time these days.

Being an artist has set his mind and soul free, he says, allowing him to be the person he always wanted to be, giving him purpose and stability.

He spends free time selling his artwork on the streets all over Philadelphia, especially in areas that may not have access to artwork normally. This is exactly what he plans to do in any community that might be in need. He wants to motivate, inspire, and teach others so that they can also enjoy all the freedom and expression that art offers. Inspiring others to succeed brings him great happiness, and has been proven effective even for people he has never met. Social media followers all over the world have heard his story and are truly moved by his journey. He strives to make art that sparks conversations and triggers interest, and the art he creates relates to all ethnicities, genders, and cultures.
screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-8-54-40-pmCurrently he is planning a solo exhibit in Philadelphia with details to be announced soon. However, while you wait for his next show, be sure to visit him on his Instagram page PenthouseArt.

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Painting a Brighter Future – A Journey of Art and Self Discovery