Close Encounters of the DNC Kind

Eric Holder sauntered past me during the Democratic National Convention. The irony of his presence was not lost on me. After all, Holder began his reign as Attorney General dropping the voter intimidation case against the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panthers. This would foreshadow how Holder would inject race into the Justice Department.

I asked the former Attorney General, “Mr. Holder, was there any particular reason you never investigated police shootings where whites were killed while preaching racial equality?” He scoffed at the question, smiled, shook his head and proceeded to the next photo op.

Holder, who championed himself as a fighter for equality and civil rights violations, refused to proceed with the suit against the New Black Panther Party, an organization deemed a hate group by the politically liberal Southern Party Law Center. This habit of not filing civil rights lawsuits where the victims were white and the aggressors were black demonstrated just how much equality Holder really was. If you add in that the anti-Semitic, racist actions of the New Black Panther Party did not prevent the Democrats in Philadelphia from appointing them as poll watchers and committee people and still no investigation, Holders actions cannot be categorized as anything else other than deplorable. Would the same restraint have been used if these aggressors were KKK members?
Holder’s race-baiting legacy was felt the second night of the convention which was reserved for the mothers exclusively of African-Americans who were killed by police officers. While Attorney General, Holder launched Department of Justice investigations into the deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin seeking to find a racial bias in their deaths only to have the evidence show there was none. However, the damage was done and false narratives such as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” dominated various outlets of the media. Despite more whites being killed by cops each year than blacks, Holder never launched any investigation into the deaths of white victims during his term.

Additionally, any political convention will bring protesters. However, those at the DNC might very well take the prize for head-scratching, eye-popping and, most notably, nose-pinching moments. The convention brought some baffling, disturbing sights and spectacles that would make anyone ask, “Did that just really happen?”
Outside the convention was the concoction of freedom of speech and marijuana. Protesters, angry with the corruption of the Democratic National Committee, angry with wealth inequality, angry with….just about anything American related, gathered in raucous, sneering, unbathed crowds demanding they have their voices heard. The largest faction was Bernie Sanders supporters and suffice to say, they let everyone feel the burn in more ways than one cares to smell. While conversing with one of the protesters, he discussed his strategy of having the degenerates crowd consume beans so they could fart during their protests to “show how stinky the DNC is.”

Remember this the next time you hear a democrat elitist ridicule Trump supporters as uneducated.
Another protester felt that Trump was a racist because he wanted to build a wall. When informed of the fact the wall was to be built to prevent those entering our country illegally who commit crimes that hurt or murder Americans, he felt “being against breaking the law is racist.” When asked to further elaborate, he continued, “If you’re against criminals, you’re a white privileged racist.”

This wealth of knowledge was a University of Pennsylvania graduate.

Another incident involved a fiery protester who lit the American flag on fire – as subsequently himself.
As the four days concluded, a question that can be legitimately asked was a political convention in town or was the circus? Entertainers, glitz, glamour, balloons and spectacle on the inside, the clowns, jokers and freak shows on the outside.

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