League Next Semester?

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By: Keishla Lagoa

Currently CCP’s athletics league was disbanded according to the College’s, Interim Director of Communications, Linda Wallace. Throughout this semester the college has been looking for a new league. According to the athletic department the college should have an athletic league by next semester. Director of the Athletics Department, Rogers Glispy, has been working hard to get the College back in a league.

The benefits of joining a league are great. If the college is on a league student athletes will be able to receive awards and recognition. Student athletes will be able to participate in a structured athletic program including regional tournaments and national championships that will increase the athlete’s and College’s exposure and publicity. A new structured program also means that schedules will no longer be misleading and games will be scheduled on the correct date.

Another benefit of having a league will be that the standards regarding the monitoring and eligibility of student athletes will be set. In some cases, monitoring can help student athletes who are at risk of dropping below the required GPA to participate in athletics. This can be a great solution to the problem of losing athletes due to academics. It is already difficult to retain athletes due to the lack of the College’s marketing to promote more athletics to students and potential students.

Depending on the league, athletic teams will gain greater prestige which will in turn assist in transfer and scholarship opportunities. According to student athlete and CCP’s MVP, Zafirah Green, states that most students do not even realize that CCP has an Athletic Department. She mentioned that a student she knew had to apply to a college farther away because that student was not aware that CCP had a Cross Country team. She mentioned that the student now is attending CCP but wishes that they were aware beforehand.

Next semester will bring promise to student athletes and hopefully the College will make the athletics a key ingredient in its marketing strategy. This current semester the College has not done anything to really promote athletics. The College’s website banner even has pictures of players wearing the old team uniforms. The website for the athletics is also very misleading and still has former Director of Athletics, Ollie Johnson, listed. Will a new league bring change for the Athletic Department? We can only hope. Go Colonials!

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  1. Gerry on March 4th, 2013 11:40 am

    Rogers Glispy, not Roger.


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League Next Semester?